Sunday, November 20, 2005

Okay, you know when they say that you don't really know how happiness feels unless you've been sad? I never really bought that. Until Saturday happened.

Man, I've never thought I would feel that exhilirated in my life. I know, nerdox na kung nerdox. But 30 digests in less than 2 hours. That was all that I was able to read for Saturday's agency class. Yet, here I am. I survived. I lived to tell the tale. I sat in that room head held high, bahala na... yet, I survived. And now I know what that feels like. Courage under fire and living to tell the tale.

Before class we were saying that it shows. We stayed even if we knew we were walking into what was likely a death trap. But we toughed it out and we stayed. We were kidding, when the hit shits the fan, we stand tall, covered in shit.

But you know what, scratch that last bit of the equation, because when the shit hit the fan, we stood tall, with barely a scratch on us.

Monday, October 31, 2005

update update!

after around 5 months, im finally updating the blog. for those who get it, yes, bakasyon ngayon which is why i'm bored enough to actually make an entry in here. i'm thinking of reviving my blog life though (yeah, i know, i said the same thing in the entry 5 months ago) but seriously i do. mainly, its because im sheep (read: my blockmates are blogging so i want to go back to blogging again) heheh.

since im rusty though, and im all out of snark, here's a recap of my vacation so far.

the first day i got home, it was a day of what do you know... sleep. the same thing can be said of my second day here so let's skip all that and move on to the third day since nothing really happens when one is asleep.

the third day i was here i went to a fashion show/launching of the clean cities program of the sedp (links on a later post since i've forgotten how) and usaid at the waterfront insular hotel, my favorite hotel in davao city since its lowrise and right in front of the beach. the fashion show featured some of the personalities here in davao city. highlight of the night though was margie moran floirendo's dress. fabulous beading. (may natutunan ako sa undergrad haha!) the same night my family and i went to a benefit dinner/concert for the maharlika foundation at the venue. for the lost, maharlika foundation is composed of a group of doctors who give free services particularly, repair of hairlip and such to indigents and other services to young kids. the venue is one of the more happening places in davao city. probably one of the biggest bars in the country. great place for concerts and such. (more on that later)

the next day, i was supposed to tour the people from sedp to the philippine eagle park, however, my transpo went missing and since malagos is too far away to cab, i decided to just go the next day.

friday morning, after waking up late and rushing to the waterfront to pick up the sedp people, we went to malagos and saw the improvements in the philipine eagle park. fun as always for me since i never fail to be in awe of these birds. ganda. right after, we had lunch at yellow fin. we then jetted off to the airport to drop one of the girls at the airport, then we were off to the shrine because the girls wanted to see the infant jesus of prague shrine. after that, the logical thing to do was have coffee at karlo's so we stopped by there and had coffee and cake (coffee was good, the cake wasn't but it was more because we got the wrong cake, the others there are more delish). after that, they did a little shopping at the aldevinco where much to my delight, i discovered that there are prettiful scarves at only Php80!!!! anyway, just like the afternoon, i finally dropped the girls off at the airport and i was off home for a bath and change of clothes because i was going off the the venue once more for my favorite band as of the moment, brownman revival.

the night was fun as i was able to hang out with four high school friends of mine. it started off with me picking mae up from her house (she's my neighbor as in same street), then we were off to the venue. the concert was going to start at 9, with two bands fronting, but we left barely before 8 because i wanted the driver to be able to go home early and he was driving us there only in the interest of me not wanting the hassle of having to park the car (which by the way is an oldish manual pajero, therefore mahirap ipark!) so anyway, we all got there early which made for really horrible bashing of the two fronting bands. i don't want to start because i woulnd't know where to end so suffice it to say that it was really bad. (not necessarily the playing, but most definitely our comments)

brownman was effing great though. galeng talaga! i say this talaga about the davao crowd which was confirmed by the sedp girls who are all from manila, the davao crowd is a hard sell, if they don't like you, kebs kung mabastos ka, hindi ka papalakpakan. brownman though got a lot of people to stand up and dance not to mention cheering like crazy. saya! reggae happiness!

much to my surprise, after that, meron pa palang ibang places to go to and hang out, apparently, the old wheels and more compound is now a party place and that night andaming tao dahil may car show. by the way, we went there because one of the girls i was with ria, had a cousin whos car was included in the car show.

cut for now, to be concluded

Monday, May 30, 2005

nope, this is not yet the grand revival of this blog... however, i just wanted to share something really sweet that happened to me earlier this day.

i was leaving davao for manila when my little bitty niece accosted me on the way to the car and told me "tita, hawak mo ako" so i picked her up and carried her to the car. she'd been sweet to me since the night before because she knew that i was about to leave for manila. she then sat on my lap and fell asleep on the way to the airport.

anyway, i just really wanted to share that because i was truly charmed by her....

haaay, i miss davao more.

Monday, May 23, 2005

after 48 years, ive finally decided to update this blog. why? because i miss my blogging life. really!

i miss the nice feeling of sharing my inane stories for the world to see. hahaha...

man, this entry sucks. i guess it shows how rusty i have become since i last made entries in my blogs. oh well, i guess ill just have to keep updating to get back into the groove.


Wednesday, February 04, 2004

i am so guilty, this has got to be one of teh most unupdated blogs in the whole blogger universe...
but then again, its just a wee bit easier to keep up with friends through blurty which is why i have been living there for a while. now, im living in AML.

i miss my PC so much. i can't be doing this internet cafe thing for much longer because apart from seriously depleting my allowance, i can't really have as much fun doing my net stuff in net cafes because i can't laugh as much or cry as much whatever the situation calls for...

oh well, at least im still updating, nevermind that its a year late! hehe

Sunday, July 27, 2003

im currently residing at sleepy so you can go ahead and visit me there and see the ongoing debates in my head.... goodness me, blogger has suddenly gone really user friendly though...

Thursday, July 10, 2003

okay, so apparently, i was one of the last people to know that daily mirror has a website up and running again... but anyway, the link has been added to the side.

in case you didn't know yet, me and my sister share a column named CHOICES, which comes out every tuesday, so if you have time you might go and read...

and if you're wondering why ive not been active here, you can canoodle on over to sleepyinsomniac. i'd much prefer this truth be told, but that ones a little bit easier to use.